Areas of Practice


Carr Law Office, LLC represents large insurance carriers and their insureds. Carr Law Office, LLC defends against uninsured and underinsured motorists, excess exposure, extra-contractual liability, unfair claims practices, bad faith, breach of contract, homeowner’s, commercial general liability, personal and commercial auto lines, and other claims.

Carr Law Office, LLC has handled numerous complex insurance coverage cases for its insurance carrier clients. Our clients routinely call upon us to help evaluate coverage for a wide variety of claims. Our lawyers provide opinions on coverage and guide our clients through the claims process.

If litigation is unavoidable, we provide strategies for minimizing damages, tactics on declaratory judgments, and a vigorous defense of our client’s coverage positions and claims handling practices.



Carr Law Office, LLC is known for effectively handling all types of civil cases.  Our attorneys employ creative and vigorous advocacy that yields successful results for our clients.

Our attorneys’ civil litigation experience and reputation often enables the firm to obtain favorable settlements for its clients without the expense and risk of trial. However, when trial becomes unavoidable, our attorneys protect our clients’ best interests through aggressive and effective trial advocacy.

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in handling civil matters throughout the federal and state courts of Ohio.  Our experience and knowledge of the Ohio courts, their personnel, and the population from which jury pools are drawn, help our clients solve their problems.

Our civil litigation practice has been widely recognized for its excellence.



Carr Law Office, LLC is frequently retained to challenge an adverse ruling on appeal or to preserve a favorable ruling from a lower court. We understand that appellate courts function differently from trial courts and that success at the appellate level requires knowledge and skill different from that needed in trial courts.

Appellate courts review decisions of the trial courts for legal correctness. Unlike in trial courts, no witnesses testify in the appellate courts and generally no new evidence is admitted. There are no juries, and the case is generally decided by a panel of judges. Appellate courts decide cases based on the written record of what happened in the trial court, including the trial transcript, the written briefs submitted by the lawyers, and oral argument of the case by the lawyers.



Carr Law Office, LLC routinely handles business litigation matters, such as contract disputes, insurance claims denials, and much more.  Our litigation expertise allows us to assess risk and exposure, identify and evaluate your claims and/or defenses, and work to navigate the legal, procedural, and business challenges that stand in the way of a favorable outcome.

We are dedicated to offering each client efficient, timely, and comprehensive case management strategies so that you can remain focused on your business at hand.



Carr Law Office, LLC routinely advises on real estate issues such as property defects, commercial disputes, and other related issues.  Whether the solution to a dispute lies inside or outside the courtroom, our attorneys are able to uniquely handle our client’s position.

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